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10 years ago I began sharing my love for dance and fitness through teaching. My passion for teaching has grown exponentially over the years and I take great pride in the work that I do and the businesses that I work for. Allow me to share my knowledge, love and passion for dance and fitness with you and come to dance/workout with me.

Online Classes

Adult classes live via Zoom

Unlimited classes for the month: £30

PAYG: £5 per class

Click here to book on! 



Monday 6.30pm

Each class has a different focus, from training core stability, balance, posture to enjoying some release. This class will ensure you leave feeling toned, elongated and relaxed. 

Sunrise Stretch

Sunrise Stretch

Thursday 7.45-8.15am

A quick 30 minute class before work that will wake up your mind and body, leaving you feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready for the day.

General Ballet

General Ballet

Thursday 7pm


If you are more experienced in ballet and looking to be challenged, this class is the one to join! Ballet is the perfect form of exercise, targeting muscle toning, coordination, joint mobility and balance. 

Dance Dynamics HIIT

Dance Dynamics HIIT

Saturday 9.45am


A high intensity, dance inspired, interval training workout for all levels.  Let's get the heart rate up, enjoy a boost of endorphins and set you up for a care-free weekend! 

Beginner Ballet

Beginner Ballet

Wednesday 7pm


Taking ballet back to basics with a full body toning workout. Beginner or not, you still sweat and feel the benefits of this class. 

Express Classes

Express HIIT or Toning class

Tuesday 7.45-8.15am

These 30 minute classes run every other week and are either HIIT or toning focused. Both guarantee an upbeat, sweaty, inspiring start to the day. You never regret an Express workout!

Bovingdon Dance Academy

BDA turned 7 years old in June and I have had the honour of teaching full time for BDA's Saturday classes for the past 2 years. Previously to this, I loved teaching themed ballet workshops for the wonderful students at this school. My classes at BDA:

- Children's Contemporary

- Adult Ballet (Currently unavailable)

- Adult Contemporary (Currently unavailable)

To check out all the classes that BDA offer head over to; 


Themed workshops; 

Swan Lake, Coppélia, Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Contemporary

If you are interested in holding a workshop for your students please do not hesitate to contact me. My workshops are available for all ages.

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