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Dancer. Performer. Personal Trainer. Artist. Teacher.

Weekly Online Schedule

- Monday 6.30-7.15pm : Stretch/Tone/Relax

- Tuesday 7.45-8.15am : Express HIIT or Toning Class (classes released as recordings every other week - contact for details)

- Wednesday 7.45-8.15am : Sunrise Stretch

- Wednesday 7:45-8:30pm : Beginner Ballet

- Thursday 6-6.45pm : Adult Ballet

- Saturday 9.45-10.30am: Dance Dynamics HIIT


Hemel Hempstead:

-ADULT BALLET, 20th April (5-week course)

-STRETCH/TONE/RELAX, 17th April (5-week course)

Leighton Buzzard:

-ADULT BALLET, 19th April (5-week course)

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